How To Use Grammar Software To Help Improve Your English Comprehension

June 30, 2009

Using a grammar software to improve your comprehension of the English language probably isn’t the greatest idea in the world.  After all, writing software is typically used to improve composition skills rather than your ability to understand the language.

However, language software that helps correct writing errors typically come in an all-in-one form that includes a variety of features, including a dictionary, a thesaurus, a style guide, writing templates, samples and more.  As such, you can easily employ it as an accessory tool when working to improve your English comprehension skills.

If you can’t understand what a certain words or constructs are referring to, you can try using the thesaurus or the dictionary to look for its meaning.  Can’t figure out what an articles is saying?  Try checking it for correctness – it might have some errors that are making it difficult for you to understand.   You might be surprised with how many areas of improvements a writing software can find in many pieces of text, especially those from online sources.  Chance upon a sentence that seems a little too complicated for your current skill level?  See if your language software offers a simple English writing style that can help you rewrite it in a more basic form.

While a writing software won’t be a primary tool for advancing your comprehension skills, it certainly could help using its many versatile talents.