English Writing Practice: Exploding Texts

June 18, 2009

Looking for more ways to practice your growing store of English skills?  Try writing using the technique of Exploding Texts, which allows you to gradually fashion more and more complex sentences as you go along.

The way the exercise works is that you start with a short and simple statements, then gradually add words and phrases to it till it becomes a long complex sentence.  If you’re a beginner learning English, it will prove a great way to begin getting into grammar, beginning from the most basic constructs and progressing.  For more advanced learners, it’s an  excellent way to gain a greater control of sentence construction, not to mention stretching your creativity with the vernacular.

Here’s a sample of an Exploding Text exercise:

That is a car.

That is a blue car.

That is a blue car with white stripe.

That is a midnight blue car with white racing stripes.

…and so on.

Basically, you just expand the sentence as far as you can, adding new elements, objects and even verbs, if you want to.  Later on, try running what you’ve written through your English grammar language software to see if you committed any casual mistakes.  If you do, jot it down with your notes so you can remember it for later.